Dr. George O. Wood

These programs produced by Dr. George O. Wood while Interim Pastor
at Central Assembly Of God, in Springfield  Missouri, in 2003

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5.1.2003 Steve Howe Watch
5.2.2003 Honey, We Are Rich! Watch
5.5.2003 Grizzly Bear and Skunk Watch
5.6.2003 The Beebes Watch
5.7.2003 Steer and Burro Watch
5.8.2003 Diamond and Rosebud Watch
5.9.2003 Amram and Jochebed Watch
5.12.2003 Depression - Let Others In Watch
5.13.2003 Depression - Express Your Inner Feelings Watch
5.14.2003 Depression - Pray (This Poor Man Cried) Watch
5.15.2003 Depression - Avoid Blame/Bitterness Watch
5.16.2003 Depression - Rise, Don't Run Watch
5.19.2003 Jerry - Pyramid Watch
5.20.2003 Death - DeGaulle Watch
5.21.2003 Dr. Mott - Michener Watch
5.22.2003 David Roper - Piggies Watch
5.23.2003 Chappell - Rats on Airplane Watch
5.26.2003 God's D-Day  Watch
5.27.2003 Hope - Nouns and Adverbs Watch
5.28.2003 No Sea Watch
5.29.2003 Eternity - Zwemer Watch
5.30.2003 Burpee Seed Catalog Watch
6.2.2003 Intro to Beatitudes Watch
6.3.2003 I Need Help Watch
6.4.2003 I Am Sensitive Watch
6.5.2003 I Am Strong, But Easy To Live With Watch
6.6.2003 I Want To Keep On Growing Watch
6.9.2003 I Care Watch
6.10.2003 My Conscience Is Clear Watch