Dr. George O. Wood

These programs produced by Dr. George O. Wood while Interim Pastor
at Central Assembly Of God, in Springfield  Missouri, in 2003

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7.1.2003 Adoration Watch
7.2.2003 Confession Watch
7.3.2003 Thanksgiving Watch
7.4.2003 Supplication Watch
7.7.2003 The Lost Sheep Watch
7.8.2003 Meaning of Lost Watch
7.9.2003 Lost Coin Watch
7.10.2003 Lost Son Watch
7.14.2003 2 Builders Watch
7.15.2003 4 Soils Watch
7.16.2003 Clara Thompson Piano Watch
7.17.2003 Good Samaritan Watch
7.18.2003 The Foolish Rich Man Watch
7.21.2003 Pastor Mung's Death Watch
7.22.2003 No More Sea (Eco, psych,socio.theological) Watch
7.23.2003 Tulip Bulb Watch
7.24.2003 Walter Martin - 10 cents Watch
7.25.2003 George Wilson - Pardon Watch
7.28.2003 Woman & List of Demand
7.29.2003 Bristow Nickel Watch
7.30.2003 Pike Fish and Minnows Watch
7.31.2003 Starfish Watch
8.1.2003 Baseball Standings Watch
8.4.2003 Wrong Way Riggles Watch
8.5.2003 Peter Marshall - Keeper of the Springs Watch
8.6.2003 Basilea Schlink - 13 Mattresses Watch
8.7.2003 Roaring Camp Watch
8.8.2003 George Washington Carver Watch
8.11.2003 Balboa Property - "I want the site" Watch
8.13.2003 Uncle Paul and Virginia Watch