Dr. George O. Wood

These programs produced by Dr. George O. Wood while Interim Pastor
at Central Assembly Of God, in Springfield  Missouri, in 2003

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Preaching on the platform at Central Watch
2.26.2003 Five Teenage Boys Watch
2.27.2003 I have seen His wagons - Doris' Healing  Watch
2.28.2003 Fifth Sparrow Watch
3.3.2003 Chosen - Trying out for Little League Watch
3.4.2003 Jesus is kicking me in the tummy Watch
3.5.2003 Tennisons - gratitude Watch
3.6.2003 Perspectives - loss of right lens Watch
3.7.2003 16 year old suicide Watch
3.10.2003 James Barrie quote, fork in the road Watch
3.11.2003 Wayne Kraiss - Amelia Watch
3.12.2003 Corrie Ten Boom - Dying Grace Watch
3.13.2003 Luther - ran to the person he loved Watch
3.14.2003 Where are you - IN Christ Watch
3.17.2003 E.N. Bell and building of Central Watch
3.18.2003 Adoption - Rochelle and Sharla Watch
3.19.2003 Salvation of Albert in Des Moines Watch
3.20.2003 Deleted - old Apple computer Watch
3.21.2003 Mother's 105th birthday Watch
3.24.2003 Michael Brennan Watch
3.25.2003 Florence Chadwick Watch
3.26.2003 Pastor McQueen Watch
3.27.2003 Folded $100 bill Watch
3.28.2003 Little puppy in Yellow River Watch
3.31.2003 El Greco Watch
4.1.2003 Pirates of the Caribbean Watch
4.2.2003 Fuller homiletics - storm at sea Watch
4.3.2003 Evangeline's healing Watch
4.4.2003 Independence Hall Watch