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Individual Sermons

Abide With Us (Audio)
A Father's Fears (Audio)
Alive In The Spirit (Audio)
Always Too Soon To Quit (Audio)
A Message From Heaven To Earth (Audio)
A Mom For All Seasons (Audio)
A Mothers Day Message (Audio)
An Answer To Prophets Of Doom And Gloom (Audio)
A New Year's Prayer (Audio)
A Pastoral Message (Audio)
A Person After God's Own Heart (Audio)
A Personal Question From The Risen Lord (Audio)
A Psalm For The Depressed (Audio)
A Psalm For The Discouraged (Audio)
A Psalm In Your Heart (Audio)
A Psalm Of Intimacy (Audio)
A Psalm Of Mortal Limitations (Audio)
Are You Coming To The Party? (Audio)
Are You Satisfied With Your Experience? (Audio)
A Second Look At The TV Preacher Scandal (Audio)
A Survivor's Guide To Temptation (Audio)
A Test Of New Wine (Audio)
A Time For Everything (Audio)
Balance (Audio)
Behold My Servant (Audio)
Binding And Loosing (Audio)
Break Camp And Advance (Audio)
Christian Roots (Audio)
Christian's Responsibility To Christ And Country (Audio)
Church Leadership (Audio)
Come And See (Audio)
Commending Six Women In AG History (Audio)
Communion (Audio)
Delayed Answers To Prayer (Audio)
Do New Year's Resolutions Count For Anything? (Audio)
Easter: Faith And Hope (Audio)
Easter Faith My Personal Commitment (Audio)
Establish Right Priorities (Audio)
Farewell Service At Red Lion (Audio)
Fearless Faith Or Faithless Fears? (Audio)
For Better Or Worse (Audio)
Forever Damned (Audio)
Forget What Needs To Be Forgotten (Audio)
Forgiveness (Audio)
Foundations For Faith And Ministry (Audio)
Four Great Encouragements (Audio)
Four Postures For The Church (Audio)
Fresh Commitment (Audio)
Fresh Surrender (Audio)
Full Tables Or Full Lives? (Audio)
Getting Even (Audio)
Getting Ready For The New Year (Audio)
Giving Guidelines (Audio)
Glory Of The Cross (Audio)
God's Ladder Came Down (Audio)
God's Non-Intervention (Audio)
God's Plan For A Healthy Church (Audio)
God's Plan For America (Audio)
Gods Plan For Russia (Audio)
Handfuls On Purpose (Audio)
Have A Holy New Year (Audio)
How Dreams Come True (Audio)
How Much Are You Worth? (Audio)
How To Be A Failure (Audio)
How To Grow In Faith (Audio)
How To Interpret The Bible (Audio)
How To Make Decisions In The Will Of God (Audio)
How To Step Out In Faith (Audio)
I Commend To You Our Sister (Audio)
Impressions Through A Tragedy (Audio)
Insights From The Holy Land (Audio)
Is Jesus Risen From The Dead? (Audio)
Is Your Vision Small Enough? (Audio)
It's Always Too Soon To Quit (Audio)
Jesus, John And Me (Audio)
Jesus, The Personal Liberator (Audio)
Lessons In The Desert (Audio)
Life Lessons Learned At Evangel (Video)
Living On The Mountain (Audio)
Living Words From A Dying Christ (Audio)
Lord, Make My Life Your Temple (Audio)
Lord, Teach Us To Give (Audio)
Lost Sinners, Poor And Rich (Audio)
Love And Forgiveness (Audio)
Mary: His Mother, Our Model (Audio)
Now, Concerning Tongues (Audio)
One Christian's Response To The TV Preacher Scandal (Audio)
One Last New Year's Resolution (Audio)
One-To-One: Drawing Closer To Jesus Of Nazareth, Part 1 (Audio)
One-To-One: Drawing Closer To Jesus Of Nazareth, Part 2 (Audio)
Our Ministry At Home (Audio)
Our Ministry To The World (Audio)
Our Past Is In The Future (Audio)
Our Permanent Address (Audio)
Pentecost The Day After (Audio)
Questions Asked By Our Risen Lord (Audio)
Real Freedom (Audio)
Red Drops On White Snow (Audio)
Remember Or Forget (Audio)
Roots (Audio)
Safe In The Storm (Audio)
Say Yes To Life (Audio)
Should We Pray To The Saints? (Audio)
Signs On The Road Of Life (Audio)
Some Biblical Answers In The Jimmy Swaggart Crisis (Audio)
Some Of The Realities Of Christmas (Audio)
Standing In The Middle Of A Miracle (Audio)
Stay The Race (Audio)
Stewardship (Audio)
Teachings On Communion (Audio)
Thanks For What? (Audio)
The ABCs Of A Good Wife (Audio)
The Beaches Of Paul (Audio)
The Beauty Of Christmas (Audio)
The Bittersweet Mother (Audio)
The Choice Of God's Heart (Audio)
The Christian's Responsibility (Audio)
The Christmas Lesson (Audio)
The Coming Southern California Earthquake (Audio)
The Command That Has Not Been Canceled (Audio)
The Faithfulness Of God (Audio)
The Four Comings Of Christ (Audio)
The Four Postures Of The Church (Audio)
The Gift Of Christmas (Audio)
The Glorious Reign Of The Son (Audio)
The Glory Of The Cross (Audio)
The God Of Christmas (Audio)
The Good Father (Audio)
The Grand Canyon Christian (Audio)
The Greatest Life Ever Lived (Audio)
The Groaning And The Glory (Audio)
The Joy Of Tithing (Audio)
The Life That Changed The World (Audio)
The Making Of A Person Of God (Audio)
The Man Who Changed My World (Audio)
The Man Who Missed The Resurrection (Audio)
The Passover Plot? (Audio)
The Poverty Of God (Audio)
The Power Of The Home Group (Audio)
The Prayer Of An Apostle (Audio)
The Pressure Of The Perfect Father (Audio)
The Real Meaning Of Christmas (Audio)
There's A Rock In There (Audio)
The Role Of Women In The Church (Audio)
The Secret Of Rewarding Bible Study (Audio)
The Serendipity Of Epiphany (Audio)
The Significance Of Communion (Audio)
The Specific Will Of God (Audio)
The Struggle Within (Audio)
The Third Gospel (Audio)
The True Treasury Of The Church (Audio)
The Truly Indispensable Man (Audio)
The Unpardonable Sin (Audio)
The Valley Of Hell (Audio)
The Waiting Father (Audio)
The Wisdom Of The Wise Men (Audio)
Three Looks At The Empty Tomb (Audio)
Three Vacation Lessons (Audio)
Transforming Grace (Audio)
Treasures In The Church (Audio)
Up From Obscurity (Audio)
Was Jesus Kidding About Prayer? (Audio)
Were You There? (Audio)
What Christmas Gifts Tell Us About Ourselves (Audio)
Whatever Happened To The Earthquake? (Audio)
What Everyone Should Know About Jesus (Audio)
What Kind Of Fish Are You? (Audio)
What's Wrong With "Kingdom Now" Theology? (Audio)
When Bad Things Happen To Good People (Audio)
When Christians Disagree (Audio)
Why Be A Christian? (Audio)
Why Did God Choose Tongues? (Audio)
Why Doesn't God Kill The Devil? (Audio)
"Yes" To The Cry Of Help (Audio)
You Can Know The Future, Part 1 (Audio)
You Can Know The Future, Part 2 (Audio)
Your Past Is In The Future (Audio)