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Topical Sermons

Attitudes And Emotions

GRRRRate Attitudes: How To Break Them (Audio)
Great Attitudes: How To Make Them (Audio)
Peak And Pique Emotions: Finding The Balance (Audio)

Christ In You

Anxious, Depressed Or Composed, Light Hearted? (Audio)
Quiet, Inhibited Or Outgoing, Responsive? (Audio)
Indifferent, Moody Or Empathetic, Objective? (Audio)
Tolerant Or Hostile? (Audio)
Impulsive Or Disciplined? (Audio)

Christ's Keys For Successful Living

Spiritual Formation (Audio)
Dealing With Anger And Hurt (Audio)
Dealing With Sexual And Marital Sin (Audio)
Dealing With The Difficult Person (Audio)
Building Spiritual Discipline (Audio)
How To Pray Effectively (Audio)
Overcoming Anxiety And Worry (Audio)
The Lord's Etceteras (Audio)
Three Choices For The Future (Audio)

Developing Depth In Ourselves

Spiritual And Psychological Analysis Of Jacob, Part 1 (Audio)
Spiritual And Psychological Analysis Of Jacob, Part 2 (Audio)
Spiritual And Psychological Analysis Of Jacob, Part 3 (Audio)

Developing Self-Esteem In Yourself And Others

Love Yourself God's Way (Audio)
Developing Self-Esteem (Audio)
Using Your Emotions Effectively (Audio)
Dealing With Guilt (Audio)
The Difference The Holy Spirit Makes (Audio)

Dreams And Visions

The Importance Of Dreams And Visions (Audio)
What The Bible Says About Dreams And Visions, Part 1 (Audio)
What The Bible Says About Dreams And Visions, Part 2 (Audio)
Paul's Exhibit "A" Revelation (Audio)
The Gateway Into Dreams And Visions (Audio)
The Value Of Other Tongues (Audio)

Faith And Self-Esteem

How To Lose It (Audio)
How To Get It (Audio)
How To Keep It (Audio)
How To Give It Away (Audio)

First Things First

Introduction (Audio)
Justification (Audio)
Our Walk (Audio)
In Christ (Audio)
The Church, Part 1 (Audio)
The Church, Part 2 (Audio)
The Church, Part 3 (Audio)

Great Revivals

Revival Under Ezra And Nehemiah (Audio)
Does Anyone Care? (Audio)
The Revival That Started With A Mother (Audio)
Revival Of Elijah (Audio)
Revival Led By Hezekiah (Audio)
Revival At Jerusalem (Audio)
Revival At Antioch (Audio)
Revival At Ephesus (Audio)

Healing Life's Hurts Through Forgiveness

The High Cost Of Unforgiveness (Audio)
The High Cost Of Forgiveness (Audio)
The Difficulty In Forgiveness (Audio)
How To Give Forgiveness (Audio)

Holy Spirit

Who Is The Holy Spirit? (Audio)
Does The Spirit Indwell Christians? (Audio)
Should Pentecostals Apologize? (Audio)
In The Presence Of The Spirit (Audio)
The Significance Of Pentecost (Audio)
Is Acts 2 For Today? (Audio)
Experience The Spirit In Pentecostal Empowerment (Audio)
Why Did God Choose Tongues? (Audio)

How Dreams Come True

How Dreams Come True, Part 1 (Audio)
How Dreams Come True, Part 2 (Audio)

How Shall We Worship?

How Shall We Worship God Together? Part 1 (Audio)
How Shall We Worship God Together? Part 3 (Audio)
How Shall We Worship God Together? Part 3 (Audio)

Hoe To Know The Will Of God

The General Will Of God (Audio)
The Specific Will Of God (Audio)
The Difficult Will Of God (Audio)

How To Study The Bible

How To Open The World's Greatest Book (Audio)
Opening Events (Audio)
Opposition (Audio)
Counter-Opposition (Audio)
Kingdom Parables (Audio)
Selected Miracles (Audio)
Disciple Training (Audio)
Tradition Outside Galilee Ministry (Audio)

Jesus' Concerns For His Church

Will Our Love Grow Cold? (Audio)
Will We Survive Adversity? (Audio)
Will We Compromise A Little? (Audio)
Will We Compromise A Lot? (Audio)
Will We Become Smug? (Audio)
Will We Do Our Best? (Audio)
Will We Put Him Outside? (Audio)

Jesus, Our Friend

Our Friend In Grief (Audio)
Our Friend Of Sinners (Audio)
Our Friend In Love (Audio)
Our Friend Who Serves (Audio)
Our Friend Forever (Audio)

Life In The Spirit

The Person Of The Spirit (Audio)
The Work Of The Spirit (Audio)
Baptism And Fullness Of The Spirit (Audio)
The Spirit And Speaking In Tongues (Audio)
The Gifts Of The Spirit (Audio)
The Fruit Of The Spirit (Audio)

Live Fully

How To Begin (Audio)
With Love (Audio)
With Joy (Audio)
With Peace (Audio)
With Patience (Audio)
With Kindness (Audio)
With Goodness (Audio)
With Faithfulness (Audio)
With Gentleness (Audio)
With Self-Control (Audio)
Be Crucified (Audio)

One-On-One: Drawing Near To Jesus

The Beginning Of The Walk (Audio)
Completing The Journey (Audio)
Jesus, John And Me (Audio)
A Taste Of New Wine (Audio)
Jesus, The Personal Liberator (Audio)

Opening Your Spiritual Gifts

Introduction (Audio)
Wisdom, Knowledge And Discernment (Audio)
Faith And Healings (Audio)
Miracles And Discernment (Audio)
Prophecy, Tongues And Interpretations (Audio)

Patterning After A Healthy Christ

Jesus In You, And At Ease (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Happy (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Outgoing (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Communicating (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Loving (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Sensible (Audio)
Jesus In You, And At Peace (Audio)
Jesus In You, And Disciplined (Audio)

Personal Prayer Life

Why Pray? (Audio)
How To Pray Every Day (Audio)
Unanswered Prayer (Audio)
The Prayer Life Of Jesus (Audio)
The Prayer Teachings Of Jesus (Audio)
The Prayers Of Jesus (Audio)
The Prayer Life Of The Early Church, Part 1 (Audio)
The Prayer Life Of The Early Church, Part 2 (Audio)
The Prayer Life Of Paul (Audio)
The Prayers Of Paul (Audio)
The Prayers Of The Epistles (Audio)

Positive Confession

Positive Confession And Health (Audio)
Positive Confession And Wealth (Audio)

Songs Of Christmas

The Song Of Zachariah (Audio)
The Song Of Mary (Audio)
The Song Of The Angels (Audio)

Survival Guides For Difficult Times

The Groaning And The Glory (Audio)
Let The Holy Spirit Help (Audio)
The Good Is Really Coming (Audio)
What's True May Not Be What You Feel (Audio)

The Christian And Money

Tithing And Christian Stewardship (Audio)
The Gift Of Giving (Audio)
Giving Guidelines (Audio)
The Ministry Of Giving (Audio)

The Christian And Sexuality

Christian Heresies On Sexuality (Audio)
Made In The Image Of God (Audio)
The Place Of Sex In Our Relationships (Audio)
Dealing With Sexual Temptation (Audio)
Healing Our Broken Sexuality (Audio)

The Christian Faces The Issues

The Issue Of Humanism (Audio)
The Issue Of Homosexuality (Audio)
The Issue Of Abortion (Audio)
The Issue Of Nuclear Armaments (Audio)
The Issue Of Alcohol (Audio)
The Issue Of ERA (Audio)
The Issue Of Lottery And Gambling (Audio)

The Priority Of Love

The Priority Of Love (Audio)
The Practice Of Love (Audio)
The Permanence Of Love (Audio)

The Ten Commandments

Let's Get Serious About Holiness (Audio)
Commandments 3 And 4 (Audio)
Commandments 5 And 6 (Audio)
Commandments 7 And 8 (Audio)
Commandments 9 And 10 (Audio)