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Old Testament Expository Sermons


More Than A Man Can Make (Audio)
Man On Earth (Audio)
Basic Human Needs (Audio)
Temptation (Audio)
Who's Responsible For The Mess You're In (Audio)
The Second Sin (Audio)
The Children of the World (Audio)
The Children of Promise (Audio)
The Love Of God (Audio)
After The Flood (Audio)
God Over The Nations (Audio)


God's Way To Freedom (Audio)
When Life Is No Party (Audio)
Drafted (Audio)
Tested (Audio)
The Breaking Of A Hard Heart (Audio)
Jesus, Our Passover Lamb (Audio)
You Are Invited To The Dance (Audio)
What Grumblers Reveal About Themselves (Audio)
The Terrifying Side Of God (Audio)
Living Within God's Boundaries (Audio)
Doing It His Way (Audio)
The Dark Side Of Human Personality (Audio)
God Has Not Given Up On You (Audio)
Give The Very Best (Audio)


I Need To Belong (Audio)
I Need To Respond (Audio)
I Need Peace (Audio)
I Need To Be Restored (Audio)
Preparing For The Priesthood (Audio)
We Too, Should Shout (Audio)
The Temptations Of A Priest (Audio)
The Out-Of-Egypt, Be-Ye-Holy Diet (Audio)
When A Child Is Born (Audio)
Are You Listening To Your Skin? (Audio)
How To Be Whole Again (Audio)
A Very Personal God (Audio)
The Day Of Atonement (Audio)
A Religion Of Blood Sacrifice (Audio)
Living Under The Authority Of God (Audio)
Our Priestly Calling (Audio)
Keeping The Festivals Of Time (Audio)
Living In The Presence Of God (Audio)
Blessings And Punishments (Audio)
Commitment (Audio)

1 Samuel

The Secret Of A Happy Life (Audio)
Samuel Goes To Bible College (Audio)
How To Hear The Voice Of God (Audio)
The High Cost Of Backsliding (Audio)
Rediscovering The Lost Ark (Audio)
The Duty And Blessing In Repentance (Audio)
Coping With Rejection (Audio)
Let's Get Serious About Changing (Audio)
The Constructive Power Of Anger (Audio)
The Undivided Heart (Audio)
The Internal Dynamics Of Success (Audio)
Living With A Good Conscience (Audio)
You Too, Are God's Anointed (Audio)
Good Health On The Inside (Audio)
The Destructive Power Of Anger (Audio)
The Building Blocks Of Friendship (Audio)
When Life Gets Out Of Control, Part 1 (Audio)
When Life Gets Out Of Control, Part 2 (Audio)
When Life Gets Out Of Control, Part 3 (Audio)
When Life Gets Out Of Control, Part 4 (Audio)
Poverty On Spyglass Hill (Audio)
The Point Of No Return (Audio)
A Person After God's Own Heart (Audio)

Minor Prophets

The Runaway Prophet (Audio)
The Prophet Of Pentecost (Audio)
The Prophet Of Justice, Part 1 (Audio)
The Prophet Of Justice, Part 2 (Audio)
The Prophet Of Vengeance (Audio)
The Prophet Of Bethlehem, Part 1 (Audio)
The Prophet Of Bethlehem, Part 2 (Audio)
The At-Last Prophet (Audio)
The Prophet Of Faith (Audio)


Can These Walls Rise Again? (Audio)
Planning To Succeed (Audio)
Do Something About The Problem (Audio)
Contemporary Lessons In Service From Malkijah (Audio)
Resisting The Temptation To Quit (Audio)
Prevailing Over Sin (Audio)
Finishing What You Have Started (Audio)
Safeguarding Life Within Reconstructed Walls (Audio)
What Can We Learn From Backsliders (Audio)
Nehemiah's Water Gate (Audio)


I Can't Believe This Is Happening To Me (Audio)
When Friends Shout Advice From Safe Ground (Audio)
Youth Speaks Up On Suffering (Audio)
God's Answer To "Why Me?" (Audio)
Should We Expect A Happy Ending? (Audio)


A Song Of Foundations (Audio)
A Psalm For Those In Trouble (Audio)
A Psalm For Soul Trouble (Audio)
A Psalm For One Falsely Accused (Audio)
His Majesty And Our Dignity (Audio)
Psalms Of The Pendulum (Audio)
When You Are Tempted To Run Away (Audio)
The "How-Long?" Psalm (Audio)
Excluded Or Included? (Audio)
A Psalm Of Confidence (Audio)
A Psalm Of The Innocent (Audio)
A Psalm Of Praise And Victory (Audio)
The Glory Of God In The Skies And Scripture (Audio)
A Prayer For Success (Audio)
Celebrating An Anniversary (Audio)
With Christ On The Cross (Audio)
God, Our Shepherd And Host (Audio)
Preparing To Worship (Audio)
A Psalm For The Low Moments (Audio)
A Psalm For The Pure In Heart (Audio)
A Psalm To Calm Our Fears (Audio)
A Prayer For Help And Praise For The Answer (Audio)
Mourning Into Dancing (Audio)
A Psalm For Stress (Audio)
A Psalm Of Forgiveness (Audio)
Praise Be To God (Audio)
A Psalm Of Thanksgiving For All Seasons (Audio)
When Hated Without A Cause (Audio)
A Psalm Of Sin And Grace Abounding (Audio)
When Sick Because Of Sin (Audio)
The Psalm Of A Troubled Person (Audio)
A Psalm Of Triumph And Tribute (Audio)
A Liturgical Psalm For The Sick (Audio)
Lifting Depression (Audio)
The Wedding Psalm (Audio)
God Our Refuge And Strength (Audio)
In Praise Of The King And His City (Audio)
A Psalm Of The Have-Nots (Audio)
True Worship (Audio)
Help God, I'm Doubting (Audio)
A Psalm Of Mortal Limitations (Audio)
A Song Of The Satisfied (Audio)
A Psalm Of Intimacy (Audio)

Song of Solomon

Love Tested (Audio)
Love Strengthened (Audio)
Love Triumphant (Audio)