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New Testament Expository Sermons


Good News For Any Year (Audio)
First Lessons For Disciples (Audio)
The Divided House Of Man (Audio)
Why Some Get The Message (Audio)
Look At The Evidence (Audio)
Men In The Making (Audio)
The Verdict Is In (Audio)
Heavy (Audio)
So Many Questions (Audio)
Three Symbolic Acts And The Las Press Conference (Audio)
What About The Future (Audio)
The Loneliness Of Christ (Audio)
The Cross, Loves Measure (Audio)
Why An Empty Tomb Is Not Enough (Audio)


Jesus Is Real (Audio)
Ten Qualities Of A Successful Home (Audio)
The Rights Of A Child (Audio)
What To Expect From God (Audio)
God Guides Ordinary People (Audio)
Questions To Live By (Audio)
God's Model For Old Age (Audio)
Six Secrets For A Successful Home (Audio)
You, Too, Must Change (Audio)
Voices From The Balcony (Audio)
A Survivor's Guide To Temptation (Audio)
The Key To Everything (Audio)
The Opportunity On A Single Day (Audio)
The Upward Pull Of Jesus (Audio)
A Second Chance In Life (Audio)
The Self-Disclosure Of Jesus (Audio)
The Miracle No One Notices (Audio)
Jesus' Rx For Successful Living (Audio)
Love: A Choice Of The Heart (Audio)
Generosity: The Glue Of Human Relationships (Audio)
Built To Last (Audio)
Jesus, The Life Giver (Audio)
Settling Doubts About Jesus (Audio)
How Do I Love Thee (Audio)
Places In The Heart (Audio)
The Lord Of The Storm (Audio)
Our Responsibility To The Other Side (Audio)
Deliverance Now (Audio)
Is Your Vision Small Enough? (Audio)
Lord, Use Me (Audio)
Life's Greatest Discovery (Audio)
Mountain High, Valley Low (Audio)
Calvary Road Words (Audio)
Seventy-Two, Plus You (Audio)
The Most Important Question On Earth (Audio)
Rx For The Overloaded (Audio)
Lord Teach Us To Pray (Audio)
God, Are You Sleeping? (Audio)
God's D-Day (Audio)
Holiness Or Hypocrisy? (Audio)
Internal Renewal (Audio)
Real Prosperity (Audio)
Are You Ready? (Audio)
Coping With Life's Inequities (Audio)
Challenges From The Lord Of Life (Audio)
Four Steps Into A Deeper Christian Life (Audio)
Getting Ready For The New Year (Audio)
Windows Into God's Heart (Audio)
A Bad Man's Good Example (Audio)
The Punishment Of The Man Who Never Noticed (Audio)
Dynamic Attitudes for Wholeness (Audio)
Getting In Shape For What's Ahead (Audio)
How To Get God's Attention (Audio)
Jesus' Answer To Life's Greatest Question (Audio)
Removing The Barriers To Success (Audio)
Breaking Free To A New Life (Audio)
Our Part In God's Work (Audio)
Our Part In God's Parade (Audio)
Stand Up And Cheer (Audio)
The Confrontational Christ (Audio)
The Magnetism of Jesus (Audio)
The Christian And World Terrorism (Audio)
How To Live At The End Of Time (Audio)
The Betrayer Among Us (Audio)
The Deeper Christian Life (Audio)
Is This God's Will? (Audio)
The Grace Of God In The Face Of Jesus (Audio)
The Re-Trial Of Jesus Of Nazareth (Audio)
The Crucified Life (Audio)
A Gift From The Cross (Audio)
The Passover Plot? (Audio)
Life Begins On Sunday (Audio)
A Life-Changing Walk! (Audio)


From Resurrection To Pentecost (Audio)
The Day Of Pentecost (Audio)
The Event Of Speaking In Tongues (Audio)
Who Is This Jesus? (Audio)
Repentance To The Word Of God (Audio)
The Essential Qualities Of A New Testament Church (Audio)
A Healing And Its Results (Audio)
Suffering For Doing Right (Audio)
Apostolic Activities (Audio)
What Good Can Come Out Of Trouble? (Audio)
Persecution Leading To Expansion (Audio)
Why We Must Never Despair (Audio)
Breaking Into The New Dimension (Audio)
The Changing Shape Of The Church (Audio)
The Difficult Will Of God (Audio)
Getting Out On The Cutting Edge Of Spiritual Growth (Audio)
A Biblical Pattern Of Conflict Resolution (Audio)
How To Know The Will Of God (Audio)
Great Lessons From The Second Missionary Journey, Part 1 (Audio)
Great Lessons From The Second Missionary Journey, Part 2 (Audio)


Opening The Book Of Romans (Audio)
The Prayer That Pleases God (Audio)
The Heart Of The Gospel (Audio)
Why The Gospel Is Needed (Audio)
Do Good People Need The Gospel? (Audio)
When Love Cares Enough To Say "No" (Audio)
God's Remedy For Sin (Audio)
Sharing Abraham's Faith (Audio)
In Debt, But Rich (Audio)
The New Humanity (Audio)
Dead, But Alive (Audio)
Enslaved, But Free (Audio)
Happily Remarried (Audio)
The Struggle Within (Audio)
Freedom From The Power Of Sin And Guilt (Audio)
In The Flesh Or In The Spirit (Audio)
The Agony And The Ecstasy (Audio)
Uncertainly And The Certain (Audio)
Is The Good Really Coming? (Audio)
How To Be A Failure (Audio)
A Broken Or Hardened Heart (Audio)
The Freedom Of God (Audio)
The Freedom Of Man (Audio)
Divine Persistence (Audio)
A Call To Commitment (Audio)
Know Yourself (Audio)
How To Be A Prophet, Part 1 (Audio)
How To Be A Prophet, Part 2 (Audio)
How To Be A Prophet, Part 3 (Audio)
How To Be A Servant (Audio)
The Gift Of Teaching (Audio)
The Gift Of Exhortation (Audio)
The Gift Of Giving (Audio)
The Gift Of Leadership (Audio)
The Gift Of Mercy (Audio)
Love, Hate, Hold (Audio)
Brotherly Love (Audio)
Fervent Love (Audio)
Tough Love (Audio)
Practical Love (Audio)
Healing Love (Audio)
Tender Love (Audio)
Humble Love (Audio)
Difficult Love (Audio)
God And Government (Audio)
Walking In Love And Light (Audio)
When Christians Disagree, Part 1 (Audio)
When Christians Disagree, Part 2 (Audio)
When Christians Disagree, Part 3 (Audio)
The Church That Satisfied An Apostle (Audio)
People With Names (Audio)
Did You Get The Letter? (Audio)

1 Corinthians

First The Good News (Audio)
Healing Broken Fellowship (Audio)
Offended By The Cross (Audio)
Relearning Christ Crucified (Audio)
A Critique Of Worldly Criticism (Audio)
God's Babies (Audio)
God's Possession (Audio)
How Christians Should Regard Pastors And Themselves (Audio)
The Prosperity Doctrine Reexamined (Audio)
Caring Enough To Confront (Audio)
The Case For Discipline In The Church (Audio)
The Wrong Way To Right Wrongs (Audio)
Why Sexual Immorality Is Wrong (Audio)
Counsel For Troubled Marriages (Audio)
Should Fathers Allow Their Daughters To Marry? (Audio)
Social Drinking, Dancing, Movies And Other Sins (Audio)
What About My Rights? (Audio)
The Christian Olympian (Audio)
How To Avoid Spiritual Ruin (Audio)
Help For Confused Christians (Audio)
The Veiled Woman (Audio)
The Lord's Supper (Audio)
Spiritual Gifts—Unopened Or Misused (Audio)
Beginning Lessons On Spiritual Gifts (Audio)
The Gifts Of Wisdom And Knowledge (Audio)
The Gifts Of Faith, Healings And Miracles (Audio)
The Gift Of Prophecy (Audio)
The Gift Of Discerning Spirits (Audio)
The Gifts Of Tongues And Interpretation (Audio)
Keeping The Body Of Christ Beautiful (Audio)
What's Important To You? (Audio)
How To Be More Loving (Audio)
What Matters 100 Years From Now (Audio)
The Edifice Complex (Audio)
Order In The House (Audio)
He Is Alive! (Audio)
What Christ's Resurrection Means (Audio)
The Glorious Destiny Of Our Bodies (Audio)
Giving Guidelines (Audio)
Warm-Hearted People (Audio)

2 Corinthians

Help For People In Tight Places (Audio)
Is Your Integrity Showing? (Audio)
Tough And Tender (Audio)
Favorite Paintings On An Inner Wall (Audio)
How To Keep A Shining Face (Audio)
Encouragement For God's Ministers (Audio)
Antidote For Escapism (Audio)
Confronting Death (Audio)
The Test Of A Fruitful Minister (Audio)
Dear Jesus, I Resign (Audio)
Who Wants To Be Holy? (Audio)
How To Repent (Audio)
The Ministry Of Giving (Audio)
How To Defend Yourself (Audio)
Spiritual Humility (Audio)
Spiritual Insight (Audio)
Spiritual Strength In Weakness (Audio)
Spiritual Ecstasy And Agony (Audio)
Spiritual Beauty (Audio)
Spiritual Health (Audio)


God's Wealthy Church (Audio)
Praying With Maturity (Audio)
This Is Your Life (Audio)
Membership In The Body Of Christ (Audio)
Opening Our Minds And Hearts To God (Audio)
The Church God Uses (Audio)
Putting On Christ (Audio)
Dealing With Anger And Immorality (Audio)
Marks Of A Spirit-Filled Christian (Audio)
How To Be A Strong Christian (Audio)


Joy And The Place I'm In (Audio)
Joy And The People I'm With (Audio)
Joy And The Person I Am (Audio)
Joy In Any Circumstance (Audio)

1 and 2 Corinthians

Please Pass The Praise (Audio)
Enjoy Living With Yourself (Audio)
A Cure For Self-Centeredness (Audio)
Down-To-Earth Living (Audio)
God Of Wrath, God Of Peace (Audio)
God Of Wrath, God Of Peace (Thessalonians)
Can Good Come From Suffering? (Audio)
The Comings Of The Antichrist And Christ (Audio)
Work And Pray (Audio)

1 And 2 Timothy

The Wholesomeness Of Being Ordinary (Audio)
A Word To The Heretics (Audio)
Holy Men (Audio)
Holy Women (Audio)
The Making Of The Christian Person (Audio)
In Word And Deed (Audio)
Relationships In The House Of God (Audio)
Developing Contentment (Audio)
Be Encouraged (Audio)
Be Strong (Audio)
Finding Resources More Important (Audio)
Come Before Winter (Audio)


Rule 1 For Trials: Say "Welcome!" (Audio)
Rule 2 For Trials: Say "Help!" (Audio)
Rule 3 For Trials: Say "Better!" (Audio)
The Indispensable Actions Of The Growing Christian (Audio)
Is Everyone Really Welcome? (Audio)
Faith At Work (Audio)
Taming The Tongue (Audio)
Taming The Tongue (Transcript)
Down-To-Earth Heavenly Wisdom (Audio)
The Secret Of Inner Peace (Audio)
A Warning To Movers And Shakers (Audio)
Living Between The Times (Audio)

1 Peter

Comfort From The Rock (Audio)
Our Indescribable Salvation (Audio)
Five Therapies For Spiritual Strength (Audio)
Discovering Our True Identity (Audio)
Surviving In Difficult Places (Audio)
The Healing Wife (Audio)
The Healing Husband (Audio)
Prevailing Over Pressure (Audio)
Three Perils To The Christian Life (Audio)
Living In God's Community (Audio)


The Testimony Of The Christian In Exile (Audio)
Have You Seen This Jesus? (Audio)
Remembering First Love (Audio)
Comforted Because He Knows (Audio)
Dwelling Where Satan Dwells (Audio)
Tolerating Jezebel (Audio)
Calling A Dead Church Back To Life (Audio)
Rewarding A Loyal Church (Audio)
Loving A Lukewarm Church (Audio)
First Impressions Of Heaven (Audio)
Behold The Lamb (Audio)
When Your Life Is Opened What Comes Out? (Audio)
Who Can Stand? (Audio)
If Not Now, When? (Audio)
A Mighty Angel's Message (Audio)
A Third Woe Comes (Audio)
The Dragon, The Woman And Her Seed (Audio)
The Beasts From Sea And Land (Audio)
The Woman, The Dragon, The Beast And The Lamb (Audio)
A New Exodus (Audio)
The Wrath Of God (Audio)
The Woman And The Beast (Audio)
For Saints Living In Babylon (Audio)
Hallelujah For What? (Audio)
The End Of The Earth (Audio)
The New Jerusalem (Audio)
Did You Come? (Audio)