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Central Assembly Sermons

Audio Messages

A Father's Fears
A Mother's Day Message
A Study In Zechariah Part 1
A Study In Zechariah Part 2
A Study In Zechariah Part 3
A Study In Zechariah Part 4
A Study In Zechariah Part 5
Embracing The Future By Treasuring The Past
Ending Well
Forgetting What Is Past
Four Great Encouragements
Getting From Here To There
Glory Of The Cross
God's Ladder Came Down
Have You Seen This Jesus
Jesus, Our Friend Forever
Jesus Our Friend In Joy
Jesus, Our Friend Of People
Jesus, Our Friend Of Sinners
Letters From The Risen Christ
Living Where Satan Dwells
Moms To Remember
One Last Word
Pentecost Sunday
Philadelphia The Open Door Before Us
Please Pass The Praise
Raising A Dead Church Back To Life
Reflections On Acts
The Holy Spirit And Self Esteem
The Man Who Missed Palm Sunday
Thyatira Maintaining A Christian Lifestyle
What I Think The Holy Spirit Is Saying To This Church
What Makes You Happy
When Bombs Are Falling
Why Doesn't God Kill The Devil?
Why We Need The Holy Spirit
Your Gift Is Unassembled
Remembering First Love

Video Messages

Amram And Jochebed
Balboa Property
Baseball Standings
Basilea Schlink 13 Mattresses
Bristow Nickel
Burpee Seed Catalog
Chappell Rats On Airplane
Clara Thompson Piano
David Roper Piggies
Death DeGaulle
Depression: Avoid Blame Bitterness
Depression: Express Your Inner Feelings
Depression: Let Others In
Depression: Pray
Depression: Rise Don't Run
Diamond And Rosebud
Dr. Mott Michener
Eternity Zwemer
Four Soils
George Washington Carver
George Wilson Pardon
God's D-Day
Good Samaritan
Grizzly Bear And Skunk
Honey, We Are Rich
Hope Nouns And Adverbs
I Am Sensitive
I Am Strong But Easy To Live With
I Care
I Need Help
I Want To Keep On Growing
Intro To The Beatitudes
Jerry Pyramid
Lost Coin
Lost Son
Meaning Of Lost
My Conscience Is Clear
No More Sea
No Sea
Pastor Mung's Death
Peter Marshall Keeper Of The Springs
Pike Fish And Minnows
Roaring Camp
Steer And Burro
Steve Howe
The Beebes
The Foolish Rich Man
The Lost Sheep
Tulip Bulb
Two Builders
Uncle Paul And Virginia
Walter Martin 10 Cents
Woman And List Of Demands
Wrong-Way Riggles